Past Events

As time goes on, I promise to fill this in….

Here is some of what I hope to blog about:

2012- Lake Zürich

2011- New York, Little Red Lighthouse Swim

2010- World Masters in Sweden  + Cork-2-Cobh

2009-1st Year of sea swims ‘summer race schedule’

2008-World Masters in Perth + First Lee Swim

  • January 2013:- Cold Water Swimming Championships, London

So I have somehow found myself swimming at an event that even a few months ago, I would have said NEVER. I am entered in the Cold Water Swimming Championships, to be held in Tooting Bec Lido in London on 26th January. The outdoor pool will have water temps of approx 3-5deg!. OMG. I have entered 2 events, 30yard Freestyle + Breaststroke. If I make finals, I’ll have to do the events again, that will mean being defrosted 4 times in about 2 hours!. The only consolation to the cold is that I am going with a fantastic group of people from Sandycove Island Swimming Club, there are about 15-20 of us travelling from Ireland to London for the weekend, so besides the hypothermia, we’ll have some craic with each other!


  • March 2013:- Irish Long Course Masters in UL

ahhh indoor swimming, where all the training happens in the winter!. I get to compete to see where my speed is at!. This is one of the few galas per year that I actually Taper for and try and get good times. Entries open soon, so I’ll let you know what I’ll be swimming over the weekend, but likely to be the usual 1500+800+400+100 Free.

  • June 2013:- MIMS, Manhattan Island Marathon Swim, New York 

On June 8th 2013, I will swim 28miles (45km) all around NYC, starting and finishing near Battery Park. Only 40 solo swimmers have been accepted to compete in this exclusive event. This is a big step up on mileage for me, I completed the 26.8km Lake Zurich Swim in 2012 in 7hr42min, but that had no tidal assist. Luckily I will get some small assistance from the tides in NY, so the swim should be under 9hours, all going well on the day!.


  • July 2013:- 2-Way Channel Relay, England-France-England

As part of Team “Crosoige Mara” (Starfish), 6 Munster based swimmers are taking on a 2-way English Channel swim from 9-14th July (Hopefully the weather gods will be with us.). Our nominated Charity is Down Syndrome Ireland.

We accomplish in proportion to what we attempt

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