Bye for a while

Sorry for lack of updates, I had intended on posting more, but training (and eating) got in the way, there has been a lot of that recently.

After a super trip to Mallorca, BestFest Open water swim week at the end of May, I was set up nicely to swim the sea full time when I came home (albeit, about 9degress colder here than the crystal clear 21deg water there).


Somehow June became a blur, more training and eating, and now its July. How I ‘lost’ a month I have no idea.

So now the time has come to zip up the bags and head to LA for my first big swim of the summer, Catalina Channel is now only a few days away.

Thanks to all the swimmers who have kept me company, for 1k or 10k of training in the pool or sea, it was always appreciated to have people around. Thanks to Mum and Dad for appearing on random beaches with hot flasks and cakes (and recently torches!).

The Training is done, no regrets, I just have to do a long training swim, that’s what I’m telling myself, it just happens that most of it will be in the dark (sorry for the lack of photos while tracking!).

I am due to start my Catalina Swim on Thursday night (13th), about 11pm local time in LA, which is 7am Irish time, start time will be confirmed by Anna who is on the boat and will let you all know with updates, she has access to my Twitter and Facebook accounts. The Tracker link to follow me on Friday (Irish time) is  apologies in advance to any bosses for the distractions!! The photos may be limited early on as it’s just going to be me, swimming in the dark, next to a kayak, but hopefully by sunrise things will improve for you all (and for me!).

Lastly, I am fundraising for The Alzheimer Society of Ireland, you can click here to donate, thanks to all who have done that so far, again, appreciated. 🙂

I Promise to write a nice blog post when I come back to tell you all how it went. Good, bad, or indifferent.



Tracker Link, I swim from the Island back towards Mainland.


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