The Munchies :)

I’m lucky to be surrounded by many Channel Swimmers in Cork, who are giving invaluable advise as I go through the training. One question they kept asking me was how hungry am I, the answer until the last month of so was “I’m fine, eating relatively normally, maybe a bit more on a plate for dinner”.


But now this is getting out of hand, the marathon swimmer munchies have kicked in. I see why they were asking. I’m an endless pit. It’s no longer funny, I can’t keep myself full. I still eat my normal meals (portions are stupid size), but there is no way I could make it from one meal to the next without something in between. A biscuit or rice cake used to take that feeling away before, now I eat them while I look for the next snack. It’s not all junk food and sugary snacks, I eat plenty of fruit and nuts etc, and my dinners are loaded with veg etc, but if someone put a bar of chocolate in front of me, it’s inhaled without even thinking about it. I may have splurged out on a few too many Easter eggs (they were on offer, I couldn’t leave them in the shop!). This did not happen when I was training for Lake Zurich or for Manhattan swims. Is it an English Channel thing? it must be.

On that note, I’m off to find a snack, I’ve been on the laptop for an hour now, and havn’t eaten and all this talk of food….. hmmmmmmmm

PS – for those wondering, my weight is about the same as I was 6 months ago, give or take a few lbs.! I’m in for some land in September when I have to watch portion sizes again..



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