Finding the Balance

Anyone who has seen me train over the last few months, knows I am training for the Catalina Channel Swim in LA this year. What I have also decided to do is tag on an English Channel swim this summer, in late August. So all the training is for ‘2 in 1 go’.!

When I started to increase my training mileage late last year, and was able to complete it without feeling the effects of the shoulder injury (now well healed – thanks to Physio Owen!), I decided to go ahead an commit to the English Channel solo swim that I had booked.

These winter months of training have their own challenges, from the long pool sessions, to staying healthy, to staying awake (I’ve gone from only needing 6hrs sleep, to now needing at least 7hrs a night), to staying strong with cross training, to grabbing fresh air when running, to keeping myself fed (now eating everything in sight), and to not let all that interfere with the work/home/friends life, finding the balance is not easy, but I know in time any minor sacrifices I’m making now will be worth it in about 6 months!.

I’ve had amazing company so far from swimming friends, every little helps, hopefully they will be just as good to me when it comes to the cold sea swims in May and June!! 🙂

So for now, it’s back to training, filling in last of the paperwork, planning 2 big swims is not straight forward, at least flights are booked to LA and research has started on Disney and Universal passes for post swim treat. Anna (my crew for Catalina) is a movie buff so we’ll have fun doing all the ‘LA things’. As for Dover…… apologies to my EC crew, we’ll do fun things when we come home! It may involve a Coors Light or two 🙂

‘Till Next time, I plan on keeping my blog up to date with how I’m getting on, I’m sure there will be highs and lows over the next 6 months, all part of the Marathon adventure, I’ll keep sharing as I hope it will inspire others and I know I’ll enjoy reading all this back when I have time to do nothing but surf the web and stuff.

OH – by the way, I have set up a fundraising page, I am happy to pay my way, as swimming is my hobby, takes me to crazy places, but my choice to do go there, so any money that anyone wants to donate is all going to the Alzheimer Society.


Just Keep Swimming

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1 Response to Finding the Balance

  1. Maeve Mulcahy says:

    No better woman Carol! You’re not one to do things by halves are you? Great charity too – very well deserving. Best of luck with your amazing adventures!

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