Swimming Gear!

I have put together a list of places I buy open water swim gear, for a few reasons; now I have all my links in one place and it’s great to share information, If anyone has better links, let me know!.

Here are SOME of the places I buy stuff, I’m not saying these are the only or best sites to use, these are just the ones I use. Happy Shopping!


Casio watch, waterproof, temp and time! nothing fancy, grand size. About £40stg


Casio Waterproof Watch

Casio Waterproof Watch




watch out, this site is addictive for buying and designing your own togs, but with a super price on ‘grab bags’


Splish (Super Thin Straps)

Splish (Super Thin Straps)

Parka Coat

I’m yet to find an Irish or UK Site that sells these, I got mine from the States – it was my ‘best buy’ this past year!


Warm Parka Jacket

Warm Parka Jacket


I have a Panasonic Lumix Camera – There is a BIG difference in prices for Waterproof Cameras. You have to do a bit of research for yourself on this!


Panasonic Waterproof Camera

Panasonic Waterproof Camera

Lazer Stiks

Light stick for the back of your togs for night swimming (or early dawn swimming!)


For the Back of your Togs

For the Back of your Togs

Guardian ‘goggle’ Light

To put on your goggle strap for night swimming !




Loop through Goggle Strap

Loop through Goggle Strap


These are available somewhere locally, just not sure where – Surf Shops probably!


Easy to throw over head to stay warm.

Easy to throw over head to stay warm.


I don’t have one, but lots of people do, not totally sure where to get them, but this is info!


A Coat Like Robie, close to a Parka!

A Coat Like Robie, close to a Parka!


I use the Contigo one touch auto spout bottles. Can be found in The Edge and CH Marine in Cork or google them for local/online buying!


One Touch Open, perfect for Numb hands!

One Touch Open, perfect for Numb hands!


I use SiS feeds and gels, which can be purchased online on most ‘TRI’ sites, or locally in Cork at The Edge


Lots to shoose from within the Range

Lots to shoose from within the Range


The Finis Hydro Tracker.. fits on your goggles. I Havn’t used them, but cheap (ish) compared to others.


A Good route Tracker

A Good route Tracker

Safe Float

A high Vis Safety float to use when in OW (I’ve seen them in action, they are noticable all right).


Swimmers Floats - to be easily seen.

Swimmers Floats – to be easily seen.

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3 Responses to Swimming Gear!

  1. IronMike says:

    Would love for those Robies or Dry Robes to be available in the states!

  2. LoneSwimmer says:

    Nice links Carol. Has anyone local started using one of the floats? I saw a few in action on the day of the Conference Sandycove swim, (made me giggle, 120 expert swimmers in the water, plus kayakers).

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