Countdown is on


Bere Island, this Saturday, it’s public, it’s in the media, it has to happen! Huge thanks to the Castletownbere RNLI for all their help and advice. It’s for them I am doing this.

Having watched two swimming colleagues become marathon swimmers last night on their 24km swim from Sandycove in Kinsale to Myrtleville Beach, I know I’m next. Bernard and Damian swam superbly to cover the distance, in good conditions under the watchful eye of great crew.

My crew for Saturday will be Marney (it’s his rib), and then I have 3 swimming Friends, Rob Bohane is there to have eyes on me all day, Ray McArdle is my Feeder (he will have my master plan) and Owen O’Keefe is my support swimmer (it’s an island, he has to go around it, Owen loves islands!).

I do hope to have the Sandycove Spot Tracker (TBC), I will post the link on my page when I actually get the tracker in my hand. Ray is going to look after my twitter account for the day, so will hopefully be posting pictures or updates throughout the swim. I will end up back in Castletownbere, after I (hopefully) complete a full lap of the island. I hope to start at 6.30am, and depending on the conditions on the day, I could be approx 8hours (I could also be 9hours! – weather dependent).

Right now the winds need to die off a bit, looking at the 5 day forecast ahead, it’s going to be lumpy and choppy on Saturday, but then this is Ireland, our forecast is not always 100% accurate, it may be a sunny, calm, clear, warm day.. a girl can hope. 🙂

We accomplish in proportion to what we attempt

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