Back to Reality!

It’s Strange, planning for big swims took up so much of my time over the past few months, that now I must find something new!.

July was busier than I thought, Came back from Dover, went back to work – reality! went to the pool for a swim, saw how ‘consistent’ I was (slower than normal) – reality! Found a mouse hole in my back wall – reality!, major service needed on car  – reality!, I’m over all this reality malarky, time for some more planning!

So Having entered a few local races to keep me busy, I must now look at what I can do next! I must finish organising the Ballycotton Swim for Friday 23rd Aug (Always a good evening of craic – well watching on, as the battles go on in the water!). Then What!… I think I have found how I am going to finish off for the 2013 Open Water Season…. 15miles/24km Around Bere Island in West Cork!… More to Follow 🙂

We accomplish in proportion to what we attempt!

Beara Penninsula

Beara Penninsula
15miles / 24km around Bere Island!

15miles / 24km around Bere Island!


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