Before I post my ‘report’ on my New York MIMS swim, I just wanted to say THANKS to everyone for all the support. Everyone who commits to such big goals knows that there is a lot going on to keep it all together.

I have great Family, Parents who follow me to swims and assist or crew when needed, I have a Sister who is fast becoming an expert in social media!, my brother and his kids wondering where Carol is going next, and much more. I have cousins, Aunts, Uncles all following and supporting in their own way.

This past year, I got ‘proper’ sports Nutrition advise, and oh what a difference that has made to the training and racing for me. Thanks Science in Sport (SiS). Another part of the jigsaw fitting into place.

I have swimming friends for life, my first club, Dolphin, who engraved the competitive spirit in me from a young age and have given me a skill that I promise to never waste, to my Open Water club mates from Sandycove, who have encouraged me every step of the way to keep going further and longer (and colder!). To all the training partners along the way, you all know that every little bit of company and encouragement is invaluable.

If you know me at all, you know that I’m daft enough to go and find myself a new target to aim for, and as soon as our Relay Team completes our 2Way Channel swim in July!, I’ll think about whats coming next. But for now, it’s about soaking up the success of a great swim in New York, looking forward the challenge of the English channel, and enjoying hanging out and swimming with good friends for the rest of the summer.

Thanks to you all, and watch this space 🙂

Thank You :)

Thank You 🙂

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