June – It’s Just around the Corner

2 Weeks today I will be in NY. Lisa is already Stateside, and Liam is packing the bags to get ready to go with the family. MIMS 2013 – we are ready!.

Before then, I along with my Team Mates from Crosoige Mara must do our 2hour qualifier for our Channel Relay in water less than 16deg (61). Finding that temp is NOT a problem at the moment, the only 16deg I’ve seen on my watch was the air temp yesterday, not the water temps!

We’ve been teased with air temps of about 14-16 for the last few days, if they could just stay a bit longer (until Saturday at least) we might not be blocks of ice after our 2hour qualifier attempt!

5of6 of Team Crosoige Mara at one of our Training Swims.

5of6 of Team Crosoige Mara at one of our Training Swims.

So with a busy week ahead to get everything ready before I head away, its head down for the last of the training for MIMS and clear the decks at work to have one less thing to worry about while away!. Then back home for a few weeks and plan all over again for the Relay Swim at the begining of July…. August, I think I’m going to enjoy that month to myself 🙂

Life’s greatest adventure is in doing one’s very best.


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