Warm Recovery Drinks

As the Summer dosn’t want to make an appearance just yet in Ireland, I’m sure we’ll have a brilliant July & August (I can but hope!). 🙂

While I’ve been increasing my sea swims over pool swims recently I’ve slightly neglected my sports Nutrition, mainly because of the cold, its hard to think of anything that is not warm. So over the past week, I’ve been trying various ways of taking my SiS REGO Recovery drink after my sea swims. There is no way I am drinking it cold, coming from 9deg Water with air temps below 9deg most mornings, I need something Warm straight away, and really, as much as I love my cappuccino treats, even I know it’s not the right thing to have straight away after a swim.!

So after many experiments of how to have a Chocolate REGO Warm… I’ve settled with mixing the powder with about 200ml of tap water (if you use only 100ml it turns to paste and sticks to the inside of the bottle – lesson learned!), I then add another 100ml of hot water and mix again, and then I pour this into a flask and top it up with Hot water to 400/500ml. Then after my swim, I have no mixing to do, just drink.

SiS REGO Rapid Recovery

SiS REGO Rapid Recovery

I had tried bringing my powder and cold water and hot water with me and mixing everything there, but when your hands are numb and sometimes in the claw position (common term for OW swimmers when its bloody cold and your hands are locked in a claw and you are pretty useless until they thaw out!) mixing on site wasn’t working. I have melted a mixer from a bottle by putting too much hot water in and shaking the bottle. I have also sprayed my hoodie with Chocolate REGO as the pressure of the Hot water in the bottle was too much!. Trust me there is a bit of experimenting to be done if you want a Warm Recovery Drink, but without a doubt its worth it in the long run!

SiS Shaker Bottle

SiS Shaker Bottle

So Good Luck with your experimenting, and if anyone comes up with a better way of mixing a recovery drink warm, please share! 🙂

A Few people have asked what I use: Here is some info on the SiS Sports Recovery Drink. Science in Sport. Endurance Nutrition. Without Compromise

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