Munster OW swims (Sandycove Times & Event Calendar)

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OW Calendar

Sandycove Schedule
Almost every day throughout the summer (and often during winter too!), groups of people swim at Sandycove Island. To make it easy for people to know when others are swimming, we have an annual schedule of swims. For safety, these swims are scheduled around high tide. To download our 2013 schedule, click 

Munster Open Water Calendar
Additionally, there are many swim events that take place across Ireland during the summer months. A document containing a list of the Munster swims for this 2013 season is available

Google Events Calendar
Additionally, we have a calendar of events that puts all of these together, which is available here. The special events are marked as all-day events with the relevant times (registration time, swim start time) included in the description.

Please note that most of the swim events require pre-registration for entry and many also require that swimmers have completed a certain number of swims of a certain distance before entering (for safety reasons). This information is available in the description of the each of the swims both in the document and on the calendar, and will be updated as the season goes on. Additionally, contact details are available for the organisers of the different swim events so if you are planning to enter a particular swim, check out the entry requirements well in advance with the organiser.

For further Details check out the website.


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