April – Sea Swimming Time?

It’s April, surely time to be back into the sea more frequently and for longer?. Here’s hoping the Air temps experienced in the last few days are here to stay 🙂 we can hope I suppose. Between the little bit of sunshine trying to creep out from behind the clouds and the Munster OW Sea Swim Calendar now available, It has to be the Sea Swimming time of year?

Really, I just need to get out of the pool for a bit, the lingering cough is getting annoying now and maybe some fresh air will help, but I don’t think the 7deg sea temps will, so for now, I will have to amuse myself with entering some local events that are coming up in the next few months.

Monday nights in Myrtleville are back on my weekly schedule (6pm, straight from work), so it’s a start to ‘my summer’, and I have also signed myself up for the 2km Myrtleville to Church Bay swim on June 16th, I’ve had some good fun at this over the last few years, it’s a great day out, with super safety on and off the water. There are varying accounts about last years event 1- Great swim (if you made it to the finish before the tide turned) or 2- ‘Oh My God that took forever’ swim if you did not get to the end before the tide turned! All makes for great banter, debate and discussions, the best part of OW swimming!

If you want more details about swimming at Myrtleville, there are ‘organised’ swims a few times a week, these are not club/minding/coaxing/mothering sessions, they are a group of people getting together, to swim together at an arranged time. Remember, look after yourself, but keep an eye on others. Safety in numbers. You can read some great articles about hypothermia etc on loneswimmer.com or check out myrtlevilleswimmers.com for local swim times and entry details for the RNLI Swim on June 16th.



You can’t do anything by doing nothing.


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