Recovery Drinks

So as my training intensifies for my summer events to 5-6days a week and longer set are becoming the norm, I’ve been paying more attention to my ‘sports’ Nutrition. With the fabulous advice from both Tim and Dr James at SiS, by far what I have taken away from the SiS Winter Academy is that recovery is more important than we think. My Recovery used to be getting to bed early or taking a session off to rest, I certainly wasn’t “drinking” my recovery. I was taking recovery drink after a long training session, but was never a regular consumer of the drinks. I have to say, I am converted. I now take a recovery drink after every session that is over 1 hour. I am able to tackle each session without feeling sluggish from the previous one. Sometimes I may not take all my drink, as like most females, I am calorie conscious and don’t want to be consuming more than I was working off, especially after a ‘light’ training session!. BUT can I point out a shocking little piece of research I did… comparing facts/figures from different drinks:

  What I was using (80g/500ml) Next Big Brand! (66g/500ml) SiS REGO Rapid (50g/300ml) SiS Night (40g/300ml)
kCal 309 237 184 132
Protein 23g 18g 13g 26g
Carb 49g 39g 31g 5.9g
Sugar 44g 18g 6.9g 3.0g
Fat 1.8g 1g 0.8g 0.5g

I’ll leave you all draw your own conculsions from that little bit of midweek research!. CC

Feel free to buy online if you wish:

If you do not consciously form good habits, you will unconsciously form bad ones.


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