Cold Water Swimming Championships!

Oh My Lord, What Have I been talked into!?. I agreed (somehow) last October that I would swim at the UK Cold Water Swimming Championships in January 2013. Now that January is here, it seems like such a daft thing for me to have agreed to do. I go through waves of OH GOD, with HOW COOL back to OH GOD…

The snow and minus temperatures in the past few weeks have ment the outdoor pool at Tooting Bec Lido in London is now at a lovely 1deg (With small sheets of ice forming on the water, and lots of snow around the pool deck area).


I have been trying my best to get acclimatised to the cold water, I’ve swam nearly every weekend in the Sea (in togs only, which is a first for me as my Wetsuit normally appears with me in the winter months!) – but alas, no wetsuits allowed at the CWSC, so I’ve been braving the cold sea (and worse, the cold air temps). So for the next week, I will not be thinking about endurance training and how many metres can I fit in this week, this weekend is about being prepared to survive the 2x 30yards races (I know, I know, I was probably aged 8 the last time I swam a 30yard race!).

On the Plus side, we do have about 20 of us travelling from Cork for the weekend, so that’s kinda cool to have a gang, one madder than the next, hanging out in London for a few days!.

I will leave you with a lovely comforting thought from my Mum “Carol – won’t your wet feet stick to the frost and snow on the pool deck”…. OH GOD


The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond into the impossible.

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  1. Maeve Mulcahy says:

    Great blog Carol! Loving the name! I’ve only now had the opportunity to read through your posts. Love the vibe going through it – perfect mix of “serious” information and personal insights and experiences. Good job – I’m looking forward to future stories!

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