5 months to NY, the Big Training Starts

With my 28mile NewYork Swim looming, now only 5months away, the next 4 months are all about the mileage, I think I’ll be eating, swimming, sleeping, swimming, working, swimming a LOT!.

This past Sunday, Liam (Fellow Cork swimmer also swimming in NY) and I set out for our first long pool session of the year. Our target was 18km and we had set aside 6hours on a Sunday morning to get the set done. It was great to have company from fellow swimmers for most of the session, and I felt special to be blessed amongst all the men in the pool!. But as they left one by one, it was down to Liam and I to swim on.

I came to the pool laden with bottles, gels, food and treats!, I didn’t want to be short on anything. I had 3 bottles on the go, one with SiS GO Energy (Carb drink), and another with SiS GO Hydro (Electrolyte drink), and a water bottle. I was happy that I had the right mix of drinks, and had backups of all in my bag for when I needed refills. I was willing to try all the SiS powders and gels I’d been given Christmas week, I can’t say they don’t work if I don’t try them!.

When my SiS GO Energy was gone I refilled that bottle with GO Electrolyte, which is the Energy drink but with Electrolytes included!. Now, I had tried this drink before and it didn’t agree with me at all, so I was taking a chance using it again in the middle of a bit set, but this time it tasted better, no ill effects thankfully, but I didn’t drink as often and I felt myself reaching for my water bottle more as I found the flavour a bit strong, I need to play with the mixture of this to get it right. About 3 hours in I took the SiS GO + L-Carnitine Gel, honestly I don’t think I got much of a boost from it, maybe I took it at the wrong time?, I’ll try it again next time when I am doing a set working from the clock, as I’ll be able to judge my speed improvements better. But then came the magic SiS GO + Caffeine Gel at about 4hours into the session, ahhh caffeine, I swear I could feel it trickling through my blood, it was wonderful 🙂 I got the boost I needed to trudge on with the now aching body and lead arms. I’m not sure what I expected from the gel, I thought I’d be fine for another hour, but after about 40mins I could feel no more benefit, I definatly need to have another one handy for one last boost towards the end of a session like we did. We settled on finishing at 16km, as it was 5hours, and we both had done really well to hold times and repeats to this point, but we both were starting to fade, there are plenty more sessions coming up that we can do more in, but for now we were 2 very happy swimmers heading for the Jacussi with the obligatory SiS REGO recovery drink in my hand!

Lessons learned?, next time I think I will stick with my SiS GO Energy + GO Hydro instead of the GO Electrolyte, and will definatly bring more GO Gels with me.

Here is a sample of what we faced in the last 7km :

3×1000 rest 1min, Pull/Paddles/Swim

30×100 10 on 1.45/1.40/1.35

When you are behind, don’t give up; when you are ahead, don’t let up.

Source 13jan

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