SiS Winter Academy


SiS (Science in Sport) have chosen me to be one their SiSWinterAcademyAthletes. I use SiS Go Energy Drinks, and while I was on their Facebook Page I entered a competition looking for Athletes from various sports with big endurance goals in 2013 to be part of their Winter Academy. I was one of the lucky ones chosen, the only open water swimmer amongst Runners, Cyclists, Tri-Athletes and Me!

In late November I had a phone call with Tim Lawson (Founder of SiS), about my current sports nutrition, what I have used in the past, and more importantly what I should be using in the future. In 50 minutes I learned SO much about what I can do to be better prepared for Training and to be better on the day of an event. I explained to Tim that I train early in the morning before work, without having a breakfast, and he said that’s ok!, as long as I use a recovery REGO drink straight after to repair and nourish the body. We went through what ‘feeding plans’ I’ve been using on big swims, and have already come up with some new ideas for my New York swim in June.

So Following on from our phone call  Tim suggested some SiS products that I should be using in longer Training sessions to get used to them for ‘race’ day. I got a box delivered Christmas week with SiS Bottles, GO Gels, GO Hydro, REGO Recovery and REGO Night. It’s going to be interesting to see how these go, as they are all sorts of flavours! I’ll report back later on the products.


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Losers let it happen, winners make it happen.  



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