Finding the Balance

Anyone who has seen me train over the last few months, knows I am training for the Catalina Channel Swim in LA this year. What I have also decided to do is tag on an English Channel swim this summer, in late August. So all the training is for ‘2 in 1 go’.!

When I started to increase my training mileage late last year, and was able to complete it without feeling the effects of the shoulder injury (now well healed – thanks to Physio Owen!), I decided to go ahead an commit to the English Channel solo swim that I had booked.

These winter months of training have their own challenges, from the long pool sessions, to staying healthy, to staying awake (I’ve gone from only needing 6hrs sleep, to now needing at least 7hrs a night), to staying strong with cross training, to grabbing fresh air when running, to keeping myself fed (now eating everything in sight), and to not let all that interfere with the work/home/friends life, finding the balance is not easy, but I know in time any minor sacrifices I’m making now will be worth it in about 6 months!.

I’ve had amazing company so far from swimming friends, every little helps, hopefully they will be just as good to me when it comes to the cold sea swims in May and June!! 🙂

So for now, it’s back to training, filling in last of the paperwork, planning 2 big swims is not straight forward, at least flights are booked to LA and research has started on Disney and Universal passes for post swim treat. Anna (my crew for Catalina) is a movie buff so we’ll have fun doing all the ‘LA things’. As for Dover…… apologies to my EC crew, we’ll do fun things when we come home! It may involve a Coors Light or two 🙂

‘Till Next time, I plan on keeping my blog up to date with how I’m getting on, I’m sure there will be highs and lows over the next 6 months, all part of the Marathon adventure, I’ll keep sharing as I hope it will inspire others and I know I’ll enjoy reading all this back when I have time to do nothing but surf the web and stuff.

OH – by the way, I have set up a fundraising page, I am happy to pay my way, as swimming is my hobby, takes me to crazy places, but my choice to do go there, so any money that anyone wants to donate is all going to the Alzheimer Society.


Just Keep Swimming

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Time Out

I know it’s been a while, I’m sorry, life happens, but I didn’t give up on my blog, I knew some day i would come back to it. So here I am, in 2017, making a comeback!.

So, what have I been doing since my busy year in 2013? keeping just as busy, in summary, here’s what I’ve been up to:

In 2014, I was having a quiet year, nothing too long was the plan.  I crewed for the Munster Mermaids English Channel Relay, a super time was had with them on their successful crossing.

Also in 2014 I headed to Key West in Florida, a 20km/12.5mile race/swim around the island. I loved it, a gang of 8 from Cork went and had a blast, it was superbly organised event, one I would highly recommend, but with one huge warning, the Water Temp, no kidding, it was too hot, on the day of the swim, water was 32deg C, air was same, and over 80% humidity, so basically no air. The swim was great, clear water, fabulous sea life under us, lumpy in parts and fast in parts, but by the end, I was sick of the water temp, there were no ‘cold’ patches! I have found my upper limit, nothing over 25deg ever again 🙂 If they moved this event to winter months they would fill it three times over with swimmers. But hey, it’s done now, and I learned my upper limit of water temps!!.

Oh yeah, another thing I did in 2014, In August I started running (eeek)..

2105 – Another English Channel Crewing trip, with Trevor Malones Solo swim, great day again with a successful outcome 🙂  That was followed by a trip to Spain for a swim, with all the usual craic that comes when 30 people go for a 24km sea swim event. Then boom, a nasty shoulder injury during the swim and my plans for 2016 had to change. My winter training was massively curtailed while I pieced myself back together over a 6 month period. Luckily I was distracted with keeping Bernard Lynch company for his English Channel swim in 2016, which I was again crewing for! And oh, yes, a Channel Relay was on the cards, a girlie/friends relay was in the planning for 2016, just to keep winter spirits up.

2016 – A trip to BestFest Open Water Festival in Mallorca in May (Highly recommended by the way), some local swims around Cork (I have 80 miles of the Cork Coast covered now), more training with Bernard, and of course, training for our English Channel Relay. End of August and Bernard Successfully crosses the English Channel, and 10 days later, our Relay Team Coral8 smash the Irish Female Record for a 6 person relay with a time under 9hours.. We were home in time for dinner (I am well aware this does not always happen).

So that brings me to 2017, back to the madness of long swims, things I may have planned in 2015 + 2016 and did not work out for me, are back on the table, so here I am again, cataloging what I am up to, for me to look back on, and to share my highs/lows/learnings with anyone who wants to pick up any useful info.!

Watch this space as to what I get up to this year. 🙂 In the meantime #JustKeepSwimming.



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The Day finally came, On Friday Morning December 20th, I hit my Million Meters of swimming for the year 2013 (since Jan 1st).

POOL : 581,800 (58%)

SEA: 418,200 (42%)

Thanks For all the company everyone, it was a global year for my mileage! Next Years target is set, its not a million!

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Winter Swimming

Sea Swimming dosn’t stop just because it gets cold. Sea swimming just becomes a bit more social and less about the training!… I like winter swimming for these reasons 🙂

It’s now too dark to swim before or after work, so Saturday morning at Myrtleville at 8.15am is going to be the ‘weekly’ dip. BUT, more excitingly are the ‘Turkey Swims’ that are coming up. Basically 10 dates in November and December when swimmers meet to socially swim in Sandycove or Myrtleville. Full details of the Turkey Swim Dates and locations are here (from the Sandycove site).

In the meantime, this Saturday is the end of season (summer season) night out at Bunnyconellens in Myrtleville!, for once we get to go inside Bunnys instead of swimming on by! details

See, Winter Swimming isn’t all bad…..


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Logo Design Competition

Here’s a great competition! 🙂

Myrtleville Swimmers

Centra, Crosshaven and Diesel, North Main Street are sponsoring some of the costs of swimming caps for Myrtleville Swimmers.  However, we need a logo:

We are running a competition, open to artists of all ages, to design a Myrtleville Swimmers logo for the new swimming caps.

The logo mustinclude the words Myrtleville Swimmers.

We suggest it should incorporate some of the fantastic views around Myrtleville Beach – the Dutchman, Roches Point etc. – but that’s up to each individual artist.

All entries must be posted to Logo Competition, Centra, Crosshaven, Co. Cork.

Do not put your name on the logo entry.  Instead, each entry should have a covering page with the name, address, telephone number and email address for the entrant – and age, if you wish.  Each entry will be numbered when opened and the judging committee will see a number only – they will not know the name or any details…

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Swimming Gear!

I have put together a list of places I buy open water swim gear, for a few reasons; now I have all my links in one place and it’s great to share information, If anyone has better links, let me know!.

Here are SOME of the places I buy stuff, I’m not saying these are the only or best sites to use, these are just the ones I use. Happy Shopping!


Casio watch, waterproof, temp and time! nothing fancy, grand size. About ÂŁ40stg

Casio Waterproof Watch

Casio Waterproof Watch




watch out, this site is addictive for buying and designing your own togs, but with a super price on ‘grab bags’

Splish (Super Thin Straps)

Splish (Super Thin Straps)

Parka Coat

I’m yet to find an Irish or UK Site that sells these, I got mine from the States – it was my ‘best buy’ this past year!

Warm Parka Jacket

Warm Parka Jacket


I have a Panasonic Lumix Camera – There is a BIG difference in prices for Waterproof Cameras. You have to do a bit of research for yourself on this!

Panasonic Waterproof Camera

Panasonic Waterproof Camera

Lazer Stiks

Light stick for the back of your togs for night swimming (or early dawn swimming!)

For the Back of your Togs

For the Back of your Togs

Guardian ‘goggle’ Light

To put on your goggle strap for night swimming !


Loop through Goggle Strap

Loop through Goggle Strap


These are available somewhere locally, just not sure where – Surf Shops probably!

Easy to throw over head to stay warm.

Easy to throw over head to stay warm.


I don’t have one, but lots of people do, not totally sure where to get them, but this is info!

A Coat Like Robie, close to a Parka!

A Coat Like Robie, close to a Parka!


I use the Contigo one touch auto spout bottles. Can be found in The Edge and CH Marine in Cork or google them for local/online buying!

One Touch Open, perfect for Numb hands!

One Touch Open, perfect for Numb hands!


I use SiS feeds and gels, which can be purchased online on most ‘TRI’ sites, or locally in Cork at The Edge

Lots to shoose from within the Range

Lots to shoose from within the Range


The Finis Hydro Tracker.. fits on your goggles. I Havn’t used them, but cheap (ish) compared to others.

A Good route Tracker

A Good route Tracker

Safe Float

A high Vis Safety float to use when in OW (I’ve seen them in action, they are noticable all right).

Swimmers Floats - to be easily seen.

Swimmers Floats – to be easily seen.

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It’s Official – we have proof


Our Certificates, maps and reports have arrived from CS&PF from our 2Way English Channel Relay in July. 🙂 #CM2013

Officially Certified! :)

Officially Certified! 🙂

The observers reports are excellently written (thanks Jim Boucher & Mike Ball), they were so accurate, that at one stage Jim described Owen as a “Roadrunner”, it is pure coincidence that I have photographic evidence to back up his quote!.

an extract from our observers report!

an extract from our observers report!

Owen - AKA "Roadrunner" #BeepBeep

Owen – AKA “Roadrunner” #BeepBeep

When you are behind, don’t give up; when you are ahead, don’t let up.


2Way English Channel Crossing 13/07/13

England -> France: 10hr 18m 30

France -> England: 10hr 10m 00

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